Best Land Ever

Address: 213 S. Monroe St. Watertown, WI 53094

MLS# 123456789

Price: $700,000

Property Documents


This property has a perfect balane of land and water. Easy access to a section to build a house yet far enough from the road to keep it quiet year round. Step out your back door to a beautiful river and step out your front door to Chub lake. This is the kind of land Luke would like to build his dream home on, but alas it will be sold before he is ready to make the purchase. 

Our current process for bidding is done entirely online. Credit information is required at the beginning of bidding. Stan Jones is a really nice guy, but he doesn’t work for free. His team wants to enjoy heat in the office during the winter months, so there is a service fee charged to the bidder based on the final bidding price.

Are you impatient and want everything right now? We can help indulge your selfish attitude and offer a buy it now option. If you are in such a hurry to get this property, you can use our “buy it now” option.