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Q: If I choose Unified Jones Auction Service to sell my real estate, can it be listed traditionally?
A: Yes! Stan Jones will discuss with you the options of traditional vs auction method, but the choice ultimately belongs to you as the seller.

Q: Why would I sell my property using the Auction Method?
A: Auctions accelerate the sale of your property by generating additional consumer interest and activity. Advertising a property for auction creates a sense of urgency, bringing all interested parties together in a specified timeframe. An auction provides multiple bidders competing to buy, generally bringing a higher price than negotiating with a single buyer. Your property is sold in "as is" condition, with a non-contingent contract, non-refundable deposit and 30-day settlement is required of the buyer. This means a quick and easy transaction for you without the hassle of negotiations, and the uncertainty of an unknown sale date.

Q: What types of property do you sell? 
A: At Unified Jones Auction & Realty we auction all types of real estate. Residential, Commercial, Land are the primary categories. From rural farms that have been in the family for generations to single family residence, investment properties to lake property, from fixer uppers to new construction, from a single acre to thousands of acres, we can sell it all at auction.

Q: I am not in financial trouble, and I am concerned about what other people may think if I should auction my property. Can you help me with this?
A: You are not alone in your concerns. Many people will initially think foreclosure, or financial troubles or have an image of the old, limited perception of auctions as what happens on the court house steps. Distress auctions are not our primary focus at Unified Jones Auction & Realty. Our sellers usually have desirable properties and have chosen auction as a means to expedite and control the terms of the sale. Your property will be marketed and sold online in a professional manner.

Q: How will my property be marketed?

A: A key advantage of auctioning real estate is the benefit of a customized advertising and marketing program. While every advertising plan is unique to the property, auction marketing typically consists of numerous online auction advertising sites that give worldwide exposure, add to that brochures, print ads, property signs, video, and a full-feature webpage with photo galleries and downloadable documents. Your property will also be featured on traditional sites such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia and a variety of specially chosen listing sites for all Real Estate professionals to view. This means that your property is exposed to the widest possible buyer audience, thereby increasing your possibilities of a successful sale at the highest possible price.

Q: I am concerned about the net amount I will realize from the auction and my ability to cover my existing mortgage. What advice do you have to offer on this?
A: We understand your concerns and many of our sellers need to cover an existing mortgage or lien on their properties. The broad exposure of an auction, coupled with the competitive bidding requirement, generates the most accurate valuation of the property. Said simply, it is only worth what the person who wants it the most is willing to pay. That amount is determined on auction day. However, you remain in control to accept, reject or counter any offer that is submitted through the online bidding process.

The fact that you are selling at auction does not change the market value of your property. If the market value is at a level below your existing mortgage, then that is the price that you have to work with regardless of what selling method you choose.

Q: Who pays the Auctioneer's commission?
A: The Auctioneer is paid via the buyer's premium, which is added to the buyer's final bid. There is no auction commission charged to the seller. Sellers are only required to invest in the advertising and expenses of their auction event. This way you can be sure you receive the maximum advertising exposure possible for your property at the lowest possible cost.

Q: What about contingencies?
A: Everything that we sell at auction is sold "as is" and with "no contingency accepted," and typically has a 30 to 45 days projected settlement date. According to the auction terms, a prospective buyer cannot make his or her bid contingent on any outside factors such as financing or inspections. Your buyer will be pre-approved for the amount of their highest bid through a letter that is submitted by them from their financial institution.

Q: Does "as is" mean that I do not need to disclose any known defects?
A: Even though you are selling "as is," we must abide by applicable state and federal laws. The Broker-Auctioneer will offer full disclosure to all interested parties in accordance with the law. "As is" simply means that you are not offering to make any additional improvements to the property and the buyer is bidding on and buying it in the condition it is in at the time of the auction and will be reflected in the bid price.

Q: How often is Unified Jones Auction & Realty successful in selling property at auction?
A: Very successful. It is rare that auction purchase contracts fail to proceed to closing. Buyers who are unlikely to close are dissuaded from bidding because of the stringent terms of auction. With no contingencies and a sizable non-refundable deposit on the line, auction buyers are qualified and highly motivated to complete the transaction. This contrasts with traditional real estate listing contracts, in which buyers typically write offers with many options for easily exiting the purchase contract.
Contact Stan Jones and the Unified Jones Auction & Realty office to see if selling by auction is the right strategy for you. Fill out the no obligation FREE PROPERTY ANALYSIS form. We’ll walk through the process with you, answer your questions, and help you determine the best approach to getting your property sold.
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