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What is an Auction?
There’s a word that gets people’s attention. It means an opportunity to buy quality products at fair and reasonable prices. What about when you hear the word “auction”? What do you think of? Do you think “opportunity”? Do you think “rare and unusual items”? An auction is all of the above and more. In fact, an auction is not only the best and most exciting kind of “sale” it is also the most advantageous type of sale for both buyers and sellers.
Auction Method of Marketing
The Auction Method of Marketing means much more than just making a sale. It means orchestrating a business transaction and entering into a commitment to meet the needs of clients and buyers.

With an auction, the auction company gets to know your property; personal property or real estate, and takes care of preparing items, estimating the fair market value and professionally markets the sale so people from throughout the county, state, or even country will know about it. And they make it their job displaying your items to create a competitive and entertaining atmosphere that will be appealing to bidders.
The Auctioneer
Auctioneering is a solid and reputable career. Auctioneers are bound by a code of ethics that protects consumers against unfair auction practices, and they are privy to a wide range of educational materials and programming that help me to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Auctioneers are educated marketing professionals, detail-oriented, technology savvy and leaders in their community. They just keep getting better at their trade and that’s a plus for consumers.

Their hand gestures, eye contact with the crowd and their rhythmic “chant” stirs buyers and brings the sale to life. Through auctions, sellers can obtain the highest possible price, dispose of all their property and receive money for their goods all in one day.
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